Importance of bonuses in online casino industry

Online casino industry and bonuses walk hand in hand. These online casinos cannot offer the attractive ambience of the land based casinos, nor can they beat up other online casinos and prevent them from luring their customers, so the thing that comes to their rescue in such scenario is the bonuses that they can offer and schemes that they can launch. From being a seldom offering, bonuses have become the heart of online casino business and are being offered by every online casino these days. In fact the online casinos are coming up with new and unique types of bonus offers, which can not only increase their customer base, but can also, give them the required edge. This bonus schemes along with other promotional offerings like VIP memberships, and special events, complete the promotional package for any casino and therefore, are designed with much care and thought.

The bonuses given to the players can be in different forms, with the most popular being first deposit bonus, welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, reload bonus, and refer-a-friend bonus. Except for refer-a-friend and no deposit bonus, which is a fixed amount that is given to the players on joining or referring a friend to join, other bonuses are generally a match percentage of the amount deposited by player, like 100% match first deposit bonus up to a limit of 500 USD. These bonuses also come with attached wagering requirements, which are required to be fulfilled by the players, before withdrawing cash, from their player’s account. These bonuses work as major attraction for players and the online casino with best bonus offers is set to gain the most from them. Importance of bonus cannot be ignored in the online casino gaming business as they differentiate one casino from the other and give an edge to the online gaming industry, as a whole, over land based casinos.

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